So with me finally getting over this nasty cold I have been battling for the last week and a half I am back and ready to talk about Halloween prep.  This year I worked on a couple of things.  First was to add more patterns and textures to my decor.  This I did by getting some small stripe fabric and adding a little orange piping (I like orange to be an accent color in my decor).  Then I sewed a mantel cover and covers for my shelves, I think they added just a little something to the overall look.  Then it was on to fillers.  I love to fill my jars and containers full of all likes of Halloween’ish things.  But I have yet to find some small bones to stuff my jars with.  So I took the white model magic by crayola and made my own, they turned out pretty good if you ask me!  But let me recommend that if you really want these to last make them out of a polymer clay or some kind of baking clay so that they will last for a long time.  I’m not sure the crayola is going to last for very long, so next year I’ll make them in clay.  Next up some skulls made from an ice cube mold provided by my friend Christina, and some plaster.  We got the plaster to the right consistency and let them harden for about 30 minutes and they were ready to go.  We gave them another day to fully harden, I painted mine white and Christina did a really cool black and metallic look on hers.  So there are lots of options when painting plaster.  Lastly the crawling spiders!  These I found of course on pinterest, check here for the tutorial.  I made a dozen or so for the front door and a few more for the fridge.  My change to the tutorial was to leave a little bit of the ring on to make it a little more 3D.  My spiders are also the old fashioned kind (I bought them a couple years ago) that stand up a bit more anyway so it worked.  They look like they are actually crawling up my doors, I love it!  I have to admit that I love how the house came out this year, even with my cold slowing the decorating up!  So those are the few additions to Halloween this year.  Photos of the whole house coming later!

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