Our last off shore excursion was the Royal Caribbean owned location called Labadee!  This is the total relaxation day.  This beach location gives visitors a great view of the ocean and I loved the little bits of architecture that they added, prefect for my photo ops.  Labadee, Haiti is the home of the Dragon Zipline, you can watch video of it here.  The price tag on the zip line was a little extreme for us so we enjoyed watching the people from below!  We walked the beach and found a spot and settled down for a bit, just enjoying the sound of the waves.  Then after checking the schedule and meeting up with Ben and Marissa, we gals read in our beach lounges, while the boys threw the Frisbee.  I kinda felt like I could hear Kenny Loggins “playing with the boys” playing as I watched them! (apparently he was my cruise soundtrack)  A barbecue was provided near the beach and then the soccer tournament began, gold for Taylors team!  We walked the rest of the resort checking the local huts for any interesting goodies.  With the sun beating down we took a dip in the shallow sandy water just sitting and enjoying the sun and cool water.  Our last stop was the rocky beach, checking out the crabs and sea creatures.  Taking in the last bits of the day before we said goodbye all together to the beach and ocean and ot on board for the trip back to reality, also known as the USA.

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