Another successful trip to COSTCO and an abundance of fun cart observations.  You can read previous COSTCO posts if your tuning in for these fun real life observations as witness by Me and My Mr.  Here are some of the best. 

Diapers & hot wings – interesting combination, hopefully your not feeding the wings to your baby.
Bread sticks and a tent – interesting camping food.
Tomatoes & red vines – red fetish
Waffles & a connect – waffles and video games, perfect mesh
Spinach and a human sized stuffed moose – Are they planning on feeding that to the moose?
Chicken pot pie and an ice scraper – Something warm after you scrap off your car too!
Green house & socks – Gardening in your new socks!
Adult and baby diapers – I don’t want to know
Jerky and Gillette razors skim milk – beef and milk while shaving your legs?
Grapes and basketball – Can you say Soccer mom (in charge of refreshments)
2 apple trees and a rotisserie chicken – nothing like a rotisserie chicken after planting trees!
Baby food and salsa – both options don’t need teeth!
Bacon and roasted seaweed – if a vegetarian and carnivore lived together.

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