When I started blogging I couldn’t help but_MG_6247 think what for?  There are so many blogs out there why in the world do I want to add another.  I was on and off for a while and then with this post, I hit my steam, my thoughts erupted into words and ever since I have written my blog trying to follow my mantra “. . .we are imperfect people striving for a better grasp on perfection.  No not obtaining it but looking toward close minor examples of it in those just like us.  Your lives are not boring they are believable.”  (which comes from my defining post)  Living the little insignificant moments is what creates our life.  I wanted to post my thoughts, photographic views of my lens, my likes, my experiences to relate to others unlike & like myself somewhere out there in the orb we call home, yes I think that last bit was cheesy.  I give my take on life with realism, a pinch of cheesey (which I will call myself on) and a handful of cynicism, and foremost a record of life for me, My Mr., our pup, and now our little Mr.  My story is quite unremarkable, my life is believable but I find that is the way I like it. No, reality TV drama, or the fixings of a fantastic sitcom, I go through life’s basics and I’m really happy about it!

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